Yarmouth, Outer Cape Towns Offer Free Rides Home New Year’s Eve

Yarmouth, Outer Cape Towns Offer Free Rides Home New Year’s Eve
YARMOUTH – Police from Yarmouth and from the Outer Cape towns are partnering with taxi cab companies to offer a free taxi cab ride home on New Year’s Eve to those at licensed liquor establishments. In Yarmouth, Operation Safe Ride Home starts at 6 …
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Tap out 2014 with Metro FM’s hottest NYE party!
Cape Town – Back by popular demand and for the second year running, Metro FM & Booka T are back in the Mother City to bring you Cape Town’s biggest and hotly anticipated NYE party of all parties. Featuring a stellar lineup, including all of your …
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10 minutes with the Pet Shop Boys before Sonar Cape Town kicks off
Cape Town – It’s a sunny summer morning in Cape Town and while the rest of the world is going about their business something extraordinary is happening in our cool air-conditioned offices. While vacationers are filling up the city and catching sun on ..

Aircraft are packed closely and familiar environment is recreated with proper ventilation facilities. However, in case of international flights, aircraft travels in different zones and people may or may not feel it, but the body clock responds to it in the form of jet lag. Here is a list of tips that can help travellers in avoiding these inconveniences and enjoy the journey to the fullest.
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US Airways is one of the largest operators in the United States of America as well as the world. It serves over 200 cities in around 45 countries.
best price airline tickets In addition to a full-fledged carrier, the company also manages wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely PSA and Piedmont Airlines. Hourly shuttle services for New York, Washington DC and Boston are operated by the airline on weekends. The existence of this airline dates back to 1930, and roots to the All American Aviation that used to provide mail services in Ohio Valley and Pennsylvania. A few years later, it merged with America West that considerably increased bookings options with the carrier.

Travellers can book international airline tickets offered by this carrier to explore new places or reach their pre-defined destinations listed in the booking option, can book tickets in any of the following classes.
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Most airlines offer different seating arrangements with varying services for the convenience of fliers. For instance, businessmen may require access to charging port while travelling while others may not. These differences are made in order to keep the pricing justified and remove extra burden. US Airways offers has three classes of seating on most of its flights; Envoy, First and Coach.


The Big Apple is one of the most diverse places in the world, with something to offer for everyone. With ample of sight seeing places and activities it’s a treat to visit. As the Empire State buildings stand tall with pride and Central Park adds beauty to the city, a lot if going on at the same time. Skating, theatre and the Central Park Zoo are only a few of the must see attractions and activities this city offer.
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With many hills ripe for sledding in December, this city located northeast of the famous New York City is also an ideal vacation spot. Hit the ice at the Boston Common Frog Pond, which is the oldest public park America has to offer.

It may seem like booking a vacation rental would be just as easy as popping onto a hotel website and reserving the room you want, but this is unfortunately not the case! In order to be the best prepared you can be for your vacation while ensuring you get the best vacation rental experience possible, here are a few easy steps to consider when renting a vacation home to make sure you end up where you want to be.
1. Start planning as early in advance as possible. Some vacation homes are in such high demand that they are booked 6 months to a year in advance! If you don’t want to rely on a cancellation to get your perfect rental dates, start looking and booking now.
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2. Know what you want. If you have 5 people going on vacation you probably aren’t going to all want to shove into a tiny one bedroom vacation rental apartment, right? Be sure to know how many people are going to be going on vacation with you and what your preferred living situation is.

If you know you want to be in a certain location (near to the beach or in the mountains, for instance) look for properties in those locations. You have the power to decide exactly what amenities you want in your vacation rental, so don’t be afraid to be picky!

Imagine going on a holiday to France where you don’t need to deal with dusty, bumpy roads or overcrowded tour buses or trains. Imagine what it would be like not to have to constantly keep changing hotels, lugging your belongings along, every time you move to a new location.
southwestairlines.com Imagine not losing precious holiday time moving from one town to another, but simply going to sleep and waking up in a new place in the morning, your new adventure ready to begin as soon as you step out of your door. Imagine seeing so much more of the country at a leisurely pace, and having the time to enjoy the scenery, instead of rushing from one location to another, all the while constantly worried about missed transport, or worrying whether you’ll be able to find your hotel and whether they got your reservation right, or if the restaurant you booked understood your dietary restrictions. Imagine more of the pleasures of travel with less of the aggravations.

Fortunately, this isn’t just a pipe dream but a reality that is readily available for the discerning traveller. The answer? A French barge cruise!

Here are a few steps to take when you are looking for the best deal on a Carnival cruise. These steps are pretty standard and simple. So by taking just a few minutes, you can find a good deal on a Carnival cruise.

First of all, don’t bother looking at “coupon” or “deal” websites. Rates for Carnival cruises are set by Carnival themselves. So no matter where you check you are generally going to find the same rate across the board. No “coupon” or “deal” website can make up their own rates. As a matter a fact, I’ve never seen Carnival offer any “coupons.” Travel Agents, as well, cannot make up their own rates. Carnival has full control of the rates you see, so by checking directly on their website is the first step.

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Thailand is an increasingly popular holiday destination. Travel here this December, offering delicious cultured cuisine, local temples and a well established shopping district, this capital has it all. Best known for its street food, be sure to have a taste of the authentic pad Thai.
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This Irish capital is the best December holiday getaway. The city offers history and culture like no other. With friendly locals, finding your way around isn’t a problem at all. Drop by at the Dublin Writers Museum, which offers walking tours that celebrate the works of famous writers such as Oscar Wilde. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the famed fish and chips available at all cafes and restaurants that are dotted all over the city.
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Research Work

If it is a revised tour, travellers know about the place and its people; hence communicating with them can be easy. However, if it is the first visit of the destination, it is advised that tourists do a thorough research about the place, including lifestyle of locals, their eating habits, traditional and cultural beliefs. They can easily find these details on dedicated travel websites. Information regarding ticket prices, time to travel, alternate routes and important places to visit in a city,
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Advance Booking
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www.unitedairlines.com They usually roll it out six or seven weeks before the travel date. Apart from this, advance bookings leave a scope of making changes in the journey date, giving travellers an option to grab better deals.

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There are a variety of holiday accommodation options when traveling, from hotels and apartments to B&Bs and campsites. The preferred type of holiday accommodation often relates to the city or rural location, creature comforts, and available budget. Here are five of the different types of travel accommodation:

Air travel is emerging as an integral part of the modern travel trends as many carriers offer cheap air international tickets for popular tourist destinations. In addition to this, various travel deals extended by travel portals and discounts on several credit or debit cards make it even cheaper.
official site It has been observed that instead of getting cheap tickets, many people end up paying huge travel bills. Many of them pay for services that are not included in the ticket price or luggage fee at different airports that shoots up the bill. These can be easily avoided by keeping the bag slim and light. Here are a few tips that can help travellers in arranging their bags along with following terms and conditions laid down by airlines as well as airports.

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Air travel is comparatively a new mode of transportation and getting used to new things takes time. Even people who board flights quite often can find it difficult to deal with jet lag and other issues with international travel.
www.spiritairlines.com In case of domestic flights, the aircraft passes through different air pressure zones and with technological advancement, passengers do not feel it onboard.
Hotels come in many different sizes and shapes, from the luxurious and grand to the simple and small. Also, the price range of hotel accommodation can vary significantly.
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Paris, by far one of the most romantic cities in the world, also known as “the city of lights” has quickly become one of the most expensive cities in the world in regards to real-estate prices. It has caught up to London and New York in the past few years and the prices are very high if you are looking to rent or buy an apartment there. However that did not stop Paris apartments from being very popular on the real-estate market. In fact the opposite happened; it attracts more people than ever.
How does all of this affect an average person just looking to rent apartments in Paris?

First make sure it’s worth the extra effort you will need to put in to getting an apartment there. If you are planning on staying at least a few weeks in Paris, you most definitely should rent an apartment. However for shorter stays getting a hotel room might be cheaper option. Not to mention a lot less complicated one as you won’t need to invest the same amount of energy to get it.

What you should know before booking an apartment there is that Paris is divided in 20 districts also known as “arrondissements” and each district has its own special characteristics you might want to explore before choosing the perfect one for you. For example, Vaugirard, 20th district, is the most populated one, with estimated 232,400 lliving there however it’s very far from the city center but the rents are relatively cheap.
cheap airline tickets If being close to center is an important factor to you, make sure to get an apartment in the inner spiral turn, from 1st to 6th arrondissements as those are located in the very heart of Paris and its very historical center.

Cape Town has 7 out of 10 most expensive SA suburbs

Cape Town has 7 out of 10 most expensive SA suburbs
When it comes to trophy homes – those valued at more than R20-million – Cape Town has more than Joburg, even though Jozi is the country's commercial hub. International wealth consultancy New World Wealth says Camps Bay has the most trophy homes in …
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City of Cape Town 'deals with corruption' by dismissing 484 employees
A TOTAL of 484 employees were dismissed from the City of Cape Town over the past three years for a range of transgressions including corruption, unethical and dishonest conduct and theft. "I am happy to say that the majority of our staff perform their …
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Capetown: Peak tourism season starts well
Cape Town's peak season for leisure visitors is in full swing and indicators reflect the likelihood of a festive season that is as busy if not busier than our last. CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Enver Duminy says, “We are pleased with the industry's …
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This website brilliantly takes the mickey out of an exclusive Cape Town party
The Enigma Mansion in the exclusive Cape Town suburb of Camps Bay is a monument to excess and any time someone throws a public party there, it's bound to draw some attention. Just ask So, Happy in Cape Town, which runs what it calls a “limited series …
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'War Horse' in Cape Town – When Design, Technology and Spectacle Trump

'War Horse' in Cape Town – When Design, Technology and Spectacle Trump
The National Theatre of Great Britain production of 'War Horse' has finally ridden into Cape Town, conceptual home of Joey and the other magnificent puppets conjured to life by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones' Handspring Puppet Company. The show has …
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Ajax line up transfer targets Ajax Cape Town line up PSL transfer targets Masalesa
Ajax Cape Town coach Roger de Sa accepts his club lack the buying power of a Mamelodi Sundowns but he plans to make "two or three signings" when the transfer window opens next week. The Urban Warriors are eager to bolster their squad after losing …
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WATCH: Camps Bay to Cape Town on electric skateboard
Cape Time – While it's not quite the same as that notorious incident involving Dec'io Lourenc'o, who set off speed cameras while skateboarding down Kloofnek Road – you have to give Nick Hedley Druce and Cian Van Der Vyver credit for not wanting to …
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Cape Town power cuts have strong racist undertones, says Cosatu

Cape Town power cuts have strong racist undertones, says Cosatu
"The City of Cape Town rejects any notion that load shedding is determined according to the racial makeup of an area," she said. "We will in the coming weeks reshuffle the schedule so that different areas experience load shedding at times that are …
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SMA Solar opens state-of-the-art factory in Cape Town
A multimillion-rand manufacturing facility will be opened in Cape Town by SMA Solar Technology, a German manufacturer of solar inverters, on Friday, 12 December. The facility includes a production line and quality test centre for SMA's Sunny Central …
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Cape Town Set to Host Africa's First Bitcoin Conference
South Africa This April, the city of Cape Town, South Africa plays host to the first ever Bitcoin conference in Africa. The event is set to take place on the 16th and 17th April 2015 at the Atlantic Imbizo Conference and Function Studio, located at the …
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Cape Town – the hub of racism? 5 recent incidents

Cape Town – the hub of racism? 5 recent incidents
Cape Town and, to an extent the Western Cape, have long had a reputation of strained race relations as well as racial tensions, and 2014 was no different. During the course of the year, myriad cases of racist incidents were reported in the country …
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Foo Fighters in Cape Town: All you need to know
Cape Town – Concert organisers have released all the information you need to know for the Foo Fighters' show at the Cape Town Stadium taking place tonight, Wednesday 10 December. Concert info: Date: Wednesday 10 December Venue: Cape Town …
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E coli warning for popular Cape Town beach
Tourists and locals visiting a popular Cape Town beach have been warned the water could contain high levels of E coli. The Clifton Fourth beach is actually one of 82 Blue Flag Beaches in South Africa, but a study has shown it contains elevated levels …
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Cape Town bursting at the seams

Cape Town bursting at the seams
Cape Town International Airport said yesterday that it expected passenger numbers to soar in the coming days after a bumper November. Airport workers "processed" more than 1.5million passengers in October and last month. Domestic arrivals were up by …
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Beware of crime on Cape Town's N2 this festive season
Cape Town – Motorists using the N2 between Cape Town and Somerset-West experienced major problems with crime and destruction throughout the past year. Now, traffic and road safety officials have warned road users, and especially visitors from other …
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PICS: Patricia de Lille splish-splashes with kids at Cape Town beaches
De Lille, along with city officials visited the popular Clifton beach in Cape Town to launch of this year's “I love my beach” campaign, which seeks to keep the city's 83 beaches clean, safe and alcohol-free over the holidays, reports IOL News. De Lille …
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Fun in Cape Town from R0 to R100k
Summer is here and it's time for fun in the sun. From activities that won't cost you a cent to splashing out on limo rides while sipping on expensive champagne, Cape Town caters for every budget. Here are a few ways to have fun in Cape Town without …
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Zipping Around Cape Town

Zipping Around Cape Town
The tour begins with a safety briefing, followed by “a serious 4×4 trail in the middle of Cape Town” driving a rugged mile and a quarter to the starting point, where participants begin to get a sense of the terrain, height and scenery of the zip line …
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Cape Town's new waterfront
Cape Town – Cape Town's Foreshore is set for a major overhaul, with an ambitious Port Gateway Precinct plan on the cards which promises to restore the central city's access to its seafront. The project, which given its infancy is described as a …
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A weekend break in… Cape Town
Because Cape Town has been voted the best city in the world for the third time in a row by readers of the Telegraph – and it's time for you to see what all the fuss is about. This fascinating South African destination pipped Venice and Vancouver to the …
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Giant sun fish washes ashore in Camps Bay
CAPE TOWN – City of Cape Town disaster risk officials have now confirmed it is in fact a giant sun fish that beached near Camps Bay. It was previously reported that a baby whale had washed ashore at Camps Bay near Saunders Rocks. Members of the …
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ANC pays R2m-plus to use Cape Town Stadium
City of Cape Town's mayoral committee member for tourism, events and economic development, Garreth Bloor, said the ANC had paid the full amount the city had quoted it for hiring the venue. The city demanded that the ANC pay the full amount up front.
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Uber, Kalahari join forces to bring UberSleighs to Cape Town
Uber, Kalahari join forces to bring UberSleighs to Cape Town. Times LIVE | 2014-12-17 12:06:37.0. Image by: Uber. Taxi app Uber is partnering with Kalahari.com to allow Cape Town riders to use the service to order their christmas shopping in a UberSleigh.
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Fears of serial killer loose in Cape Town
Cape Town – The bodies of five women have been found naked and buried in shallow graves near Century City train station leading Western Cape police to suspect a serial killer is on the loose, a report said on Wednesday. The most recent body was found …
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